[Corinth Coin] 2015 613: Copper/Bronze Coin of Pheneos Mint, 350 B.C.

Pheneos ... AE Is this really Hermes? Looks female, hair pulled back Bust of youthful Hermes r., petasos behind traces of [ΦENEΩ] Ram walking r. Beside Wall 44, 20 cm below top of wall ... 350 B.C.


[Corinth Coin] 2015 415: Copper/Bronze Chalkous of pheneos? Mint, 350 B.C.

pheneos? ... AE ca. 350s BCE or later Bust of youthful Hermes r., petasos behind Φ[E]NEΩ Ram walking r. fill along NS Roman wall N of wall 44 ... 350 B.C.


[Corinth Coin] 1975 699: Silver Drachma of Corinth Mint, 350 B.C.

Corinth ... AR koppa Pegasus flying r.; pointed wing [letters] Head of Peirene l.; hair rolled; wearing earring and necklace Forum SW 72C; Well 75-5 Excavation date: 8/1975 Notebook 628 p.49; Basket 22. Study Collection ... 350 B.C.


[Corinth Coin] 1963 688: Copper/Bronze Coin of Peparethos Mint, 350 B.C.

Peparethos ... dscd Oakley S. Kokkinovrysi Cistern Excavation date: 5/7/1962 NB 248 (256) p.169 (181); Basket 2. AE Head of Dionysus facing r.; vine-wreathed; bearded P-[E] on either side of foot Kantharos with vine-tendrils ... 350 B.C.


[Corinth Coin] 1928 817: Silver Hemidrachma of Corinth Mint, 350 B.C.

Corinth ... AR koppa Forepart of Pegasus facing l.; with curled wing [AR] below Demeter Head of Demeter facing l.; veiled; wearing corn wreath Letters Hellenistic Villa; Tr.Tr IV; 0.4 below top of wall Excavation ... 350 B.C.

[Corinth Object] C 1939 368: BLACK-GLAZED SKYPHOS

Slender body tapering markedly to foot. Upper part of body black glazed. Light buff clay Complete or intact. Complete WM West of Corinth likely Κιβουριά cemetery ... Mid 4th century B.C.



Lion-head water spout, described from cast: original now in Budapest Museum of Fine Arts no. 4753; cast given in Aug., 2002. 4 rows of mane locks frame head: locks short, upright, grooved and faceted for ... Ca. 350 B.C.


[Agora Drawing] Perspective drawing of the Agora and the Acropolis, from the northwest, c. 350 B.C.

J. Travlos ... Scanned. DB: 58 (05/03/2001) 86-508 86-508 Dirty Heavy Tracing Paper Drafting Ink ... ca. 350 B.C.