[Corinth Basket] NB939 B77 P148

Deposit 939 77 148 NB939 P148 B077 Lot 2001-041 Dumped fill in cistern bounded by Walls 219 and 220 ... First half 3rd c. B.C

[Corinth Basket] NB939 B80 P152

Deposit 939 80 152 Lot 2001-041 Cleaning basket of a baulk of earth left to protect plaster remaining on wall ... Late 4th BC

[Corinth Basket] NB941 B83 P160

Deposit 941 83 160 Lot 2003-057 Fill between Wall 55 and Wall 56. Reddish-brown soil, cobbles, pottery. casserole 1 rim, cooking ware. (saved to lot) pitcher w/linear bands 1 rim, fineware. (saved to ... Hellenistic


[Corinth Basket] NB941 B95 P182

Deposit 941 95 182 Fill between Wall 56 and RT130R, just S of Wall 205. Light brown soil, pebbles, pottery. Cuts B93. casserole lid 1 rim, cooking ware. casserole 1 rim, 1 handle, cooking ware. Megarian ... Hellenistic

[Corinth Basket] NB943 B59 P147

Deposit 943 59 147 Fill dumped over cement pool floor. Dark red sandy silt with plaster, pottery and rocks. plate with flaring rim 1 rim, fineware. pyxis knob 1, fineware. moldmade bowl bs 1, fineware ... 2nd c. BC


[Corinth Basket] South Stoa Context 15: Fill under Mosaic Subfloor

James, S ... Deposit 1109 15 Lot 2015-052 10% rounded medium pebbles, 10% angular tabular medium pebbles, 20% cementy chunks similar to context 12 Top slope of the context is slight down to the W. Soil color is light ... 1st c. AD

[Corinth Basket] South Stoa Context 40: Cleaning context of top of well VI (6)

James, S ... Deposit 1109 40 Lot 2015-087 Soil is mixed in color; 20% large pebbles and cobbles Top slope of the context is slight down to the E. Soil is Loose poorly sorted silty sand. Characteristics: less compact ... 1/2 1st c. AD

[Corinth Basket] South Stoa Context 52: Well fill, 7th deposit from the top

James, S ... Deposit 1109 52 Lot 2015-087 10-15% chunks of yellow compact clay, 5-10% cobble-sized bedrock pieces, a few small rounded stones and some bits of carbon Top slope of the context is even. Soil color is ... 1st c. AD