[Corinth Basket] NB123 P6

123 6 From S.E. Corner Trench N2, from center in hollow Deposit ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] NB123 P15

Deposit 123 15 NB123 P015 Trench N2, east extension ... Classical ?

[Corinth Basket] NB123 P93

Deposit 123 93 Trench S5 inside ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] NB123 P110

Deposit 123 110 From trench S4 ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] NB123 P162: Circular Stele Shrine Area

Deposit 123 162 Trench S4, north extension ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] NB132 P11

Deposit 132 11 NB132bis P011 P015 Trench S10, outside west wall ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] NB114 P45: Terracotta Factory, Court

Deposit 114 45 NB114 P045 Terracotta Factory, from inside room with bases (court), 1P, 0.10 m. below wall Court, square 4R (1930 plan, NB 108: 128-129), 30 cm below top of wall Court, square 1P (1930 plan, ... 4th c. B.C.