NB978 B67 P147 2006/05/18Early 1st century AD 
 NB974 B52 P118 2005/06/08early 1st century AD 
 NB983 B15 P38 2006/06/08Early 1st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 40Cleaning context of top of well VI (6)2015/05/141/2 1st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 87Surface in SE quadrant2015/05/231/2 1st c. AD 
 NB976 B57 P128 2006/05/19First half 1st c. A.D. 
NB985 B12 P36 2007/04/231st half of 1st century AD 
South Stoa Context 96Fill of drainage channel 89, W side of N-S Wall 382015/05/24mid-1st c. AD 
 NB964 B53 P115 2004/05/12late 1st BC 
South Stoa Context 15Fill under Mosaic Subfloor2015/04/051st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 52Well fill, 7th deposit from the top2015/05/151st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 59well fill, 13th deposit from the top2015/05/191st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 73Well Fill, 20th Deposit from Top2015/05/211st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 85Surface of Soft Soil Overlaying Fill of Drainage C2015/05/231st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 90Roof for drainage channel west of n-s wall 382015/05/241st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 126Blockage at N end of drain 89, RT 64?2015/05/261st c. AD 
Nezi Field Context 7236Fill of foundation trench2010/06/151st c. AD 
 NB976 B34 P80 2006/05/101st c. 
South Stoa Context 335Fill under pebble surface in Room 4R, 2nd layer2016/04/111st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 346Clayey layer in center of room2016/04/121st century A.D. 
South Stoa Context 369Foundation trench of northern segment of Late Wall2016/04/131st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 391Compact fill with white inclusions West of well2016/04/151st c. AD 
 South Stoa Context 226Robbing trench fill of wall 382015/6/91st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 228Fill of rectangular cutting, N of well VII2015/6/101st c. AD 
South Stoa Context 416Floor surface in S half of Room 4 rear (W)2016/04/181st c AD 
 Nezi Field Context 1242Tile deposit between wall 1222 and cut 11712013/06/141st century AD 
 Nezi Field Context 5131cleaning basket east of Bothros 7 (NB228)2007/06/041st c 
 NB978 B40 P93 2006/05/101st century AD 
 NB981 B21 P50 2006/05/301st c. AD 
 NB983 B36 P82 2006/06/161st c. AD 
 NB984 B23 P42 2006/06/151st c AD 
 NB957 B48 P123 2004/05/031st century AD 
 NB971 B67 P151 2005/06/041st c. AD 
 NB971 B81 P185 2005/06/131st c. AD 
 NB971 B84 P191 2005/06/151st c. AD 
 NB974 B11 P34 2005/05/231st c. AD 
 NB974 B40 P92 2005/06/011st century AD 
 NB975 B16 P51 2005/06/011st c 
 NB944 B61 P111 2002/05/281st c AD