[Corinth Coin] 1983 98: Copper/Bronze As Or Dupondius of Septimius Severus for Geta, 203 A.D.

Rome ... Septimius Severus for Geta ... AE P SEPTIMIVS - GETA CAES Bust of Geta r., bare head, draped, wearing cuirass [P]ONTIF - CO[S] SC Minerva seated l., holding owl (traces) and [scepter, leaning on shield]; [in exergue, S-C ?] Rev: [in ... 203 A.D.


[Corinth Coin] T 1928 46: Copper/Bronze Coin of Plautilla, 203 A.D. - 205 A.D.

Corinth ... Plautilla ... AE PLAVTILLA - AVGVSTA Bust of Empress facing r.; draped CLI - COR Tyche facing l.; with long rudder, cornucopiae, and rudder Letters Athena Trench; Old dump Excavation date: 5/3/1928. Study Collection ... 203 A.D. - 205 A.D.


[Corinth Coin] T 1925 248: Billon Denarius of Septimius Severus for Plautilla, 202 A.D. - 205 A.D.

Rome ... Septimius Severus for Plautilla ... Bi [PL]AVTILLA - AVGVSTA Bust of Plautilla r. CONCORDIA - AVGG Concordia standing front, head l., holding patera in r. and staff in l. Athena Trench; N Extension, E end; 1.20m Excavation Date: 5/1/1925 ... 202 A.D. - 205 A.D.


[Corinth Coin] 1936 1740: Silver Denarius of Septimius Severus for Caracalla, 206 A.D.

Rome ... Septimius Severus for Caracalla ... AR ANTONINVS - PIVS AVG Caracalla head r., laureate PONTIF TR P - VIIII COS II Mars standing l., shield resting on ground in r., inverted spear in l. South Stoa M Excavation Date: 10/9/1936, #9 Notebook ... 206 A.D.


[Agora Coin] N 38394: Roman Coin

Rome ... Septimius Severus ... Septimius Severus. Obv. SEVERUS PIUSAUG Head of Septimius laureate, bearded right. Rev. PMTRP. XVICOSIIIPP Jupiter naked standing facing, head right, left leg back, right knee bent, brandishing thunderbolt ... 208 A.D.

[Corinth Coin] 2012 26: Copper/Bronze Coin of Plautilla, 205 A.D. - 209 A.D.

Corinth ... Plautilla ... AE Bust facing right with chignon C[LI COR] Aphrodite, stg., facing l., holding shield with both arms; at feet to l., Eros cmk (head?) Nezi 680, sieve. Continuation of pit 642 ... 205 A.D. - 209 A.D.

[Corinth Coin] 2012 117: Copper/Bronze Coin of Plautilla, 202 A.D. - 209 A.D.

Corinth ... Plautilla ... AE PLAVTILLA [A]V[GVSTA] Bust of Emperess R. C L [I - C O] R Female figure standing r., holding scepter in r. and [object] in outstretched l. Nezi 888, E 262.57, N 1007.61, H 86.12. Excavator identified ... 202 A.D. - 209 A.D.

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 266

Over half of upper body of rim and part of lower body restored; handles missing. High, flaring molded foot; beveled resting surface; pointed underside. Scraped groove above lower handle attachments. Decoration ... Ca. 210