Β 61Well at 33/ΚΔ; Bottom Group; Upper Part; -16.00m to -18.00m7 May 1934  
 Β 76Well at 15/ΛΔ; -10.00m to -14.00m18 April 1934  
 ΟΕ 62Small Rectangular Building to North of Apollo Temple; Filling Inside Foundations19 April 1934First Half of 4th B.C. 
 ΟΕ 112Pit of Drain at SE Corner of temple of Apollo; Gravel and Undisturbed Filling10 June 1936350-325 B.C. 
 ΞΞ 161A Pit where Fill is Similar to the Immediately Preceding; Pit 12 May 19401st Half 4th B.C. 
 ΞΞ 163Another Pit- "Pit 2"3 May 19401st Half 4th B.C. 
 ΚΚ 316Groups; Cistern System 1; 18-19/ΞΑ-ΞΓ; Shaft27 May 19361st B.C.-2nd A.D. 
 ΜΜ 168Well at 16/Γ, -2.35 to -7.00m20 May 1936Early 3rd B.C.