[Agora Object] A 3630: Fence Post

Broken at top and bottom but original surface preserved on four sides. Several joining fragments. All sides worked smooth. One slot for fence rail preserved on each side. From late reconstruction of Peribolos ... 31 July 1967

[Agora Object] A 3631: Fence Post

Broken at top. Bottom and four sides preserved. Front worked smooth, other sides left slightly rough-picked, bottom rough. From late reconstruction of Peribolos of Eponymous Heroes. Pentelic marble. Found ... 31 July 1967

[Agora Object] A 3632: Fence Post

Broken at bottom, back and one side. Top preserved. Front surface worked smooth; side left slightly rough. From late reconstruction of Peribolos of Eponymous Heroes. Pentelic marble. Found at I/18-11/1 ... 31 July 1967


[Agora Object] A 3633: Fence Post

Broken at top; all other sides preserve ancient surface. Two joined fragments. Front and sides picked fairly smooth, back left rough. Both sides preserve three slots each for fence rails. From late reconstruction ... 31 July 1967

[Agora Object] A 3663: Fence Cap from Peribolos

Two joining fragments preserved complete block. Triangular in section with truncated sides. Dowel at bottom of one end only. Both ends dressed with slight anathyrosis. Dressed smooth with toothed chisel ... 5 June 1968


[Agora Object] A 4316: Parapet Base Block

Complete except for chips. Large rectangular block with moldings at upper front edge; from top to bottom: a shallow cavetto, torus, scotia, torus and a cyma reversa. Top surface has a cutting apparently ... 21 April 1972

[Agora Object] A 4353: Coping Block

Chips missing. Cut down at one end. Straight sides canted towards flat top. No cuttings, anathyrosis on sides. Soft yellow poros. In foundation of Late Roman Circular Building, where it crosses Enclosure ... 19 August 1971

[Agora Object] A 1377: Fence Post Fragment

A fragment from the top of a post, with a dowel hole in its top, two rail holes in each side, a fillet down the middle of the outer face narrowing from the top downward. Hard gray poros, roughly hammer ... 13 May 1948