[Agora Deposit] P 21:2: Well in East Colonnade of Roman House H

Well in East Colonnade of Roman House H. Diameter 0.80m, lined with field stones set in mortar. used as a cistern as well. No useful pottery dates. Capital from colonnade A 3866 and part of shaft found ... 29 July 1970


[Agora Deposit] P 21:3: Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H

Well in West Colonnade of Roman House H. Covered by a large handsome marble well-head, apparently reused. Cut through bedrock. Diameter ca. 1.20m, water at -3.60m. Two distinct POU fills. One at ca. -4.50m ... June-August 1970


[Agora Deposit] Q 6:4: Well at Q/14-6/11

"Koumanoudes' Well. Tile-lined well (diam. 0.85m) at SE corner of courtyard of Roman House E, at top built wall of stones and mortar, bedrock at bottom. Coin 7 August 1971 #495-#500 13 August 1971 #507 ... 28 July-6 August 1971

[Agora Deposit] T 21:1: Hellenistic Fill Beneath Floors

Laura Gawlinski ... Pebble floors of Roman date covered the northern half of a 6x6m square trench in ΕΛ, bounded to the west by the post-Herulian Wall and to the east by a wall from Byzantine Building D (Wall A) to the east ... Hellenistic/ 220-150 B.C.


[Agora Deposit] J 3:4: Byzantine Well at J/3-3/3,4 in ΒΖ

A well in the courtyard (Room 8) of a Byzantine House of Period II. The well was covered by a large squared poros wellhead and a marble puteal (apparently neither inventoried). Within the well shaft, the ... 14 July-9 August 1989 2-13 July 1990

[Agora Deposit] K 2:3: Well in Byzantine Room 9

Well in Byzantine Room 9. Excavation of the well terminated at 49.00m. due to cave-in danger. Topped by a stone sill and marble putael, the upper part of well is of Byzantine-period stone masonry; lower ... Byzantine

[Agora Deposit] M 11:2: Well at Southeast Corner of Court of Late Roman Building

Well at SE corner of Court of Late Roman Building (Trench C). Estimated Grid ... 12th c. A.D.

[Agora Deposit] N 11:7: Well

Byzantine Well at 66/ΛΑ. Semi-curbed well at the west wall of the Byzantine room. From the mouth of the well, a few brown glazed sherds ... Byzantine