[Agora Image] 1997.01.0096 (XLV-31)

Architectural fragments of Ionic order found in destruction debris and associated with the "Northeast Stoa". Ionic capital fragments: A 1669-A 1674 (A 1672 and 1674 frags a, and b). Ionic architrave fragment ... 4 Aug 1950


[Agora Image] 1997.01.0242 (83-119)

Fragments of Doric column drum (A 1707), Ionic column drum (A 1709) and Ionic column base (A 1708). Wall block with five nail holes (A 1721) ... W.B. Dinsmoor, Jr ... PD 1178 PD 1179 Horizontal (normal) ... 1961


[Agora Image] 1997.01.0251 (Leica A 1707 Leica A 1708 Leica A 1709)

Doric column drum (A 1707), Ionic column base (A 1708) and Ionic column drum (A 1709) found in the Long Late Roman Wall in the east side of the Agora ... Horizontal (normal)

[Agora Drawing] DA 10495

Sounion column settings squeezes ... Squeezes of inscriptions. Fragile Other