ΟΟ 231Building A; Bath; North Hypocaust Room and Furnace Dump; Destruction Debris and Upper Layer of Furnace Dump26 March-30 April 19482nd half of 3rd A.D. 
 ΟΟ 736Great Drain; Elliptical Tile Drain in It; Above and Around Elliptical Tile Drain in Great Drain; ΜΒ-ΜΣΤ and by Wall at ΛΕ14-15 July 19471st A.D. 
 Φ 87Well at 63/ΙΔ; Containers 44-485 April 1937  
 Ζ 310Tholos Trench G; Layer III8 June 1937Early - Late 5th B.C. 
 Ζ 320Tholos Trench H; Layer III10 June 1937Second Quarter of 5th B.C. 
 ΚΚ 317Groups; Cistern System 1; 18-19/ΞΑ-ΞΓ; Gallery27 May 19362nd B.C.-1st A.D. 
 Β 519Filling of North Broiling Pit beneath North Annex of the Tholos20 April 1938Early 5th B.C.