[Agora Object] A 1686: Water Pipe Fragments

Three fragments, not from the same piece of pipe. a) Mended from several pieces preserving a considerable part of one section; inset flange on the preserved end. b) Fragment from another similar, also ... July 1950


[Agora Object] A 2295: Water Pipe Sections

a) Mended from many pieces, broken off and cracked; contains a lead pipe. No leading. b) The joints are cemented and bound with lead. Water deposit inside of both. Red clay with bits in it. Civic Offices, ... 2 May 1953


[Agora Object] A 2600: Water Pipe

Mended from many fragments, few chips missing. Standard archaic water pipe with short tongue and flat-topped flange at upper end, long tongue and open flange at lower end. Carefully cut oval setting hole ... March 1956

[Agora Object] A 2601: Water Pipe

Dipinti; graffiti on flanges. Archaic. Same series as A 2600 (Τ 3586). For discussion of dipinti and graffiti see notebook p. 6157. Found in position in the archaic pipe line that fed the Southeast Fountain ... March 1956

[Agora Object] A 2602: Water Pipe

Dipinti; graffiti on flanges. Archaic. Same series as A 2600 (Τ 3586). Cf. picture, notebook p. 5454 (M.C. notes however that she never could see a trace of the upper half of the pipe itself.) For discussion ... March 1956


[Agora Object] A 2651: Water Pipe

Complete. Ribbed outside. Orange clay. Smaller round pipeline along the Panathenaic Way (along O-Z boundary line). 935 Leica, 85-537 ... July 1956


[Agora Object] A 2663: Water Pipe

Y-shaped junction pipe uniting the eastern and western outlets of the Southeast Fountain House; larger later system. Found in situ north of the Southeast Fountain House. Removed 25 July 1956. 5821, 5823-5824, ... 25 July 1956


[Agora Object] A 233: Water Pipe Section

Coarse, pinkish red to orange clay with some particles of mica. Buff slip outside; inside, and on face of lip, a thick red glaze or paint. 0.15m. from one end is an irregular hole, with a lid, for cleaning ... 23 June 1933