[Agora Object] A 1668: Pan Tile Fragment with Painted Inscription

Broken all around. Fragment from a Laconian pan tile with brown glaze on upper surface. Letters written in cream paint over glaze Cut between north stylobate of Square Building and Valerian Wall Layer ... 29 July 1950

[Agora Object] A 1686: Water Pipe Fragments

Three fragments, not from the same piece of pipe. a) Mended from several pieces preserving a considerable part of one section; inset flange on the preserved end. b) Fragment from another similar, also ... July 1950


[Agora Object] A 1905: Vault Fragment

A mass of bricks bonded with mortar, probably from domed roof of Circular Building. Uneven bottom surface corresponds with rough top of cornice block, which retain traces of similar mortar. The one preserved ... 17 June 1951

[Agora Object] A 2009: Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken all around, only part of stamp preserved. Fragment of a pan tile with dull red glaze on upper surface. The stamp, a palmette, is on the under side. Cf. A 1319, from ostrakon deposit in Section ... 20 April 1951

[Agora Object] A 2011: Roof Tile Fragment: Inscribed

Fragment from cover tile of Laconian type. Buff clay with buff grit; reddish brown glaze wash on upper surface. Inscribed in pale buff clay on upper surface: ΤΟ Π. Cf. A 1668; also A 432, A 433a, b, ... 9 June 1952


[Agora Object] A 2295: Water Pipe Sections

a) Mended from many pieces, broken off and cracked; contains a lead pipe. No leading. b) The joints are cemented and bound with lead. Water deposit inside of both. Red clay with bits in it. Civic Offices, ... 2 May 1953


[Agora Object] A 2473: Well Head Fragments

Flat base rim. Body tapers quickly and moves in. Broad glaze band at bottom. Pinkish buff clay with bits; gray core, light surface; black glaze mostly peeled. Seventh century well below east part of Odeion ... July 1946


[Agora Object] A 2476: Cover Tile

Two joining fragments preserved tile of Laconian type. Dull red glaze on convex side, somewhat worn along one side and on one end. Well below Stoa gutter at 9.00m. to bottom. Leica PD 2819-9 ... 9 June 1954