[Agora Object] A 747: Triglyph Fragment with Mason's Mark

Part of front, top, and right surface preserved. Top front edge broken away. On right side a rough-picked cutting. Fascia above triglyph. On top surface, mason's mark: Θ. Series A 238. Assigned to the ... 14 May 1937


[Agora Object] A 825: Eaves Tile Fragment: Plastic and Painted

Broken at back and at right side. On the base of the sima an elaborate curving floral pattern in high relief, below, on the flat fascia, a maeander in red glaze. On soffit, a bead and reel in red. Red ... 10 March 1938

[Agora Object] A 897: Antefix with Cover Tile

Cover tile broken at back and antefix chipped slightly underneath at left. Pattern of palmette indicated by very faint incision. Similar in style and size to A 898 (ΘΘ 300). Also same series as A 296 and ... 19-20 May 1938

[Agora Object] A 1025: Building Block Fragment with Mason's Mark

Part of left side preserved with anathyrosis; otherwise broken. Inscribed with one letter: Α. ADDENDA Also interpreted as fragment of an inscription. Byzantine well. Leica ... 15 April 1939


[Agora Object] A 1138: Capital Fragment: Corinthian with Mason's Mark

Fragment preserves part of bottom and start of leaves. Inscribed on bearing surface in letters varying in height: Κ Η Ο Θ C. Pentelic marble. Odeion series. ADDENDA From round free standing column of ... 23 July 1946

[Agora Object] A 1238: Antefix and Cover Tile: Plastic

The cover tile mended from several pieces; small fragments missing; the full dimensions preserved. Elaborate relief decoration on the antefix: palmette, Medusa mask, and scrolls. Coarse gritty red clay; ... 23 June 1947

[Agora Object] A 1424: Wall Block Fragment with Mason's Mark

Parts of two edges and top surface preserved. On top, mason's mark: Δ. From Temple of Ares. Pentelic marble. Marble dump. Leica ... February 1949

[Agora Object] A 1436: Wall Block Fragment with Mason's Mark

Part of top surface, and of one short and one long side preserved. Anathyrosis on the short side. On the top, mason's mark: Π. From Temple of Ares. Pentelic marble. Marble pile. Leica ... February 1949