[Corinth Basket] NB106bis

Deposit 106bis NB106bis P161 NB108 P020 NB106bis P016 NB106bis P011 NB106bis Deposit in Trench H Found between wall A and west edge of hill, outside South Long Building, opposite Stele Shrine A From between ... Classical

[Corinth Basket] Potters' Quarter, From Northwest Angle Deposit: From Northwest Angle Deposit

Deposit From Northwest Angle Deposit ... Middle Corinthian, 2nd 1. 6th c.


[Corinth Monument] Potters' Quarter

Located at the western edge of the walled area of Corinth, the Potters’ quarter was a complex of workshops and domestic quarters used by potters for three centuries from the seventh century until the fourth ...

[Corinth Basket] NB114 P74: Terracotta Factory, Court

114 74 Court, square 8P (1930 plan, NB 108: 128-129) Trench 20, near surface From Trench XX. Near surface. Miniature squat oinochoe. KT 1-67 {in red: 2-63} Lower part of ... 1930/06/18

[Corinth Basket] NB114 P77: South of Terracotta Factory

114 77 South of Terracotta Factory, West side of Trench XX, squares 8-9T (1930 plan, NB 108: 128-129), 20-30 cm. below wall, probably Deposit 8 KT 7-23 Seated kore KT 13-17 ... 2nd half of 5th c. or later (Stillwell and Benson 1948, Corinth 15.3, p. 212)

[Corinth Basket] NB114 P124

Deposit 114 124 NB114 P124 (deposit) From Wall E deposit, in the southwest corner of the South Long Building; in pencil: Dep. in Trench F ... 1929/05/22

[Corinth Basket] NB114 P134: South of Terracotta Factory, Deposit 8

Deposit 114 134 Terracotta Factory, deposit 8, at edge of Trench XXII South of Terracotta Factory, Deposit at Edge of Trench XXII. (1931 plan, NB 114: 120-121), Deposit 8 Flanged cover {sketch included} ... 5th c.