[Corinth Basket] NB39 P67

Deposit 39 67 NB039 P067 NB039 P067 (S-0812) 5.50 m west of limit of Roman shops (Northwest Shops, 0.50 m. below track level Found 1.00 m. north of Byzantine fortification wall of St. John's, in line of ... 1907/06/20

[Corinth Basket] NB173 P154

Deposit 173 154 From well at T-U:11 in area of Pottery Factory -0.50 to 2.50 m. below top From well at T-U:11 in area of Pottery Factory-0.50 to 2.50 m. below top Well at T-U:11 in area of Pottery Factory, ... 1937/11/11

[Corinth Basket] NB173 P162

Deposit 173 162 NB173 P162 Box1 G-J:11-15 Glass Factory -0.80 to -1.20 m. Glass Factory : G-J:11-15 -0.80 to -1.20 m. Glass Factory: G-J:11-15, from -0.80 to 1.20 m ... 1937/11/12

[Corinth Basket] NB175 P55

Deposit 175 55 NB175 P055 Box1 Area of Pottery Factory : W-F:4-7 and f-h:7-8+0.25 to -0.30 m. W-f:4-7 and f-h:7-8 +0.25 to -0.30 m. area of Pottery Factory W-f:4-7 f-h:7-8 +0.25 to -0.30 m. drying yard ... 1938/03/01

[Corinth Basket] NB133 P97

Deposit 133 97 NB133 P097 From Well K2 from East Tunnel From well K2, east tunnel V-W:2-17 (p. 96, area of fallen cistern) surface to 2.20 m. above stylobate Well K-2 from east tunnel Well K2 from tunnel ... 1933/04/24

[Corinth Basket] NB133 P132

Deposit 133 132 NB133 P132 Storeroom XXXIII (I:6, plan p. 124), stylobate level Storeroom XXXIII, at E:10 0.50 m. above stylobate level Storeroom XXXIII, at E:10, 0.10 m. above stylobate level ... 1933/05/10

[Corinth Basket] NB141 P44

Deposit 141 44 Area TT (pl. II) down to +0.50 m. above stereo Area TT south of Central Shop XII (Plan II) downto 0.50 m. above stereo, coins 16-54 Find-place unclear: entered with coins 55-56, stoa colonnade ... 1934/05/14

[Corinth Basket] NB194 P114

Deposit 194 114 Found with archaic pottery in colonnade north of inner column 5, i.e., north of Shop V North of Shop IV, Greek deposit ... 1946/11/04

[Corinth Basket] NB195 P42

Deposit 195 42 Fill in Well XX, from -0.60/0.70 m. and down. Well V Well XI ... 1947/03/03

[Corinth Basket] NB195 P77

Deposit 195 77 Fill below water level in Well II Well in Shop II; Basket? ... 1947/02/19

[Corinth Basket] NB195 P151

Deposit 195 151 Fill from near bottom of Well XXVIII Well XXXVIII, from near bottom Well in Shop XXVIII; Basket? ... 1947/03/11

[Corinth Basket] NB200 P286

Deposit 200 286 NB194 P017 Shop XXX, close to front wall 0.10 m. below toichobate. Fill of S. Stoa well XIX ... 1946/10/07

[Corinth Basket] NB31 P31

31 31 1 ultramarine dot: Cistern east of Boudroumi (NW shops) One ultramarine dot on break = cistern east of vaulted shop of NW Shops, front of (and under) wall H Deposit ... 1901

[Corinth Basket] NB178 P135

Deposit 178 135 NB178 P135 Box1 Well at T:17-18 in colonnade directly N. of NE corner of South Stoa Shop XXX Fill in well at T:17-18, directly north of NE corner of South Stoa Shop XXX from -7.30 to -7.90 ... Late Byzantine

[Corinth Basket] NB180 P89

Deposit 180 89 NB180 P089 Box2 V-X:38-41 from -0.10 to -0.30 m. , street ? ... 1938/05/18

[Corinth Basket] NB181 P492

Deposit 181 492 NB181 P492 Box2 NB181 P492 Box4 Lot Thrown Area 3, 36:Z-j to 20:c-h (?l) -3.60 to -3.80 m. Area 3: 36:Z-j to 20:c-h (or l?), black earth and debris, -3.60 to -3.80 m. Area 52:V-y - 36:Z-j, ... 1938/04/14

[Corinth Basket] NB181 P506

Deposit 181 506 NB181 P506 Area I south room -4.10 m. Area I, south room, -4.10 ... 1938/04/15

[Corinth Basket] NB181 P508

Deposit 181 508 NB181 P508 Box8 NB181 P508 Area II -4.00 to -4.20 m. on red strosis Area II: 52:V-h to 38:Z-j, strosis -4.00 to -4.20 m. (Note: E. wing of monastery but 4 rooms dug together) Vh:52-Zj:38 ... 1938/04/15

[Corinth Basket] NB181 P509

Deposit 181 509 NB181 P509 NB181 P509 Box3 Lot Thrown Area II SE room from pithos Southeast room: inside pithos ... 1938/04/15

[Corinth Basket] NB181 P510

Deposit 181 510 NB181 P510 Area III south room -4.10 to -4.30 Area III south room -4.10 to -4.30 m ... 1938/04/15