[Corinth Basket] NB200

Deposit 200 Fill from bottom of well -13.55 to -14.40 and from cleaning sides of shaft ... 1991/07

[Corinth Basket] NB200 B286 P160

Basket/zembil 200 286 160 NB840 P160 P119 Lot 1991-096 From fill in well, -14.00 to 14.40 m ... 1991/07/18

[Corinth Basket] NB811

Deposit 811 NB811 Bnone Found in west scarp ... 1989/05/29


[Corinth Basket] NB811 B71 P130

Basket/zembil 811 71 130 NB811 P130 B071 Lot thrown NB815 P179 B098 Lot 1989-047 NB827 P044 B028 P045 B030 Lot thrown General fill ; fill above, in and under tile debris above floor ; fill between robbed ... 1989/05/17;1989/06/23

[Corinth Basket] NB811 P10

Deposit 811 10 NB811 P010-P013 B002 B003 NB811 P010 to P013 B002 B3 Reused as base in Frankish Stoa on east side of open area Reused as base in Frankish Stoa on east side of open area ... 1989/04/11;1989/04/12


[Corinth Basket] NB812 B70 P121

Basket/zembil 812 70 121 NB812 P121 B070 Lot 1989-062 NB813 P113 B059 Lot thrown Dumped fill ... 1989/05/11

[Corinth Basket] NB812 B99 P190

Basket/zembil 812 99 190 NB812 P190 B099 Lot 1989-063 Robbing trench of south colonnade north stylobate of peribolos of Temple E ... 1989/05/24;1989/05/25

[Corinth Basket] NB812 P182

Deposit 812 182 NB812 P182 P190 B099 B104 Lot 1989-063 Fill of robbing trench of South collonnade, north stylobate peribolos of Temple E. Fill ob robbing trench of South Colonnade, north stylobate peribolos ... 1989/05/24;1989/05/25