[Corinth Basket] NB254

Deposit 254 Found south of the Old Museum ... 1925


[Corinth Image] "Step" in stone socle of mud-brick wall

Ioannidou - Bartzioti ... From West Area unclear (E.P. Jan 2008) NB131 P101

[Corinth Basket] NB88

Deposit 88 S of Old Museum, 3.00 m below top of Turkish wall along S side of Museum Drain east of Northwest Stoa From drain east of Northwest Stoa From drain east of stoa From drain east of the Northwest ... 1926/06/17

[Corinth Basket] NB39 P67

Deposit 39 67 NB039 P067 NB039 P067 (S-0812) 5.50 m west of limit of Roman shops (Northwest Shops, 0.50 m. below track level Found 1.00 m. north of Byzantine fortification wall of St. John's, in line of ... 1907/06/20

[Corinth Basket] NB250

250 NB250 Lot 1990 Lot 1985 NB250 Lot 1991 NB 250 Lot 1990 NB250 Lot 1993 Lot 1998 MT:Area D, red earth floor MT Room D burnt layer over floor Area D, dumped fill over area MT: Area D. burnt layer Area ... mid 6th c. B.C.

[Corinth Basket] NB148 P19

Deposit 148 19 NB148 P019 NB148 P019 Box3; Join: NB148 P039 Box4 NB148 P019 Box3 NB148 P039 Box4 a-j(both underlined):88-95, clearing up around removed walls a-j(both underlined):88-95, clearing up around ... 1935/05/08

[Corinth Basket] NB150 P38

Deposit 150 38 exact location unknown NB 170 (OB) p. 73 Kitchen Pit at S:45 ... 1937/09/27

[Corinth Basket] NB150 P166

150 166 Deposit NB150 P166 to P170 Q-V (or U):39-42 St. John's ... 1935/05/02