[Agora Object] P 1834: Black Glaze Echinus Bowl with Rouletting: Stamped

Shallow type with slight incurve. Inside, within a double rouletted circle, four palmettes stamped close together at the center. Good black glaze all over save for reserved resting surface and band just ... 4 April 1933


[Agora Object] P 27985: Black Glaze Bowl

Mended from numerous fragments; complete except for fragments from rim, now restored in plaster. Convex base ring, grooved resting surface. Sharply incurved lip. Completely glazed. Heavy fabric, shiny, ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 28021: Black Glaze Bowl

Missing is about one-third of wall and rim. Ring base, sharply incurved lip. Shallow bowl. Glaze dull black to brown, much worn. Heavy fabric. Cistern and well in Marble Worker's House. 5061 ff. Leica ... 5-9 August 1968


[Agora Object] P 28029: Black Glaze Bowl with Rouletting: Stamped

Mended from three pieces. Complete except for chips from rim. High foot, sharply incurved lip, shallow body. Scraped line at junction of foot and body. On floor eight careless palmettes surrounded by three ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 28041: Black Glaze Bowl

Missing is most of rim and side wall. Three joining fragments. High foot, sharply incurving plain lip. Fired red except for broad black band on rim exterior. Glaze much peeled. Cf. Agora XII, no. 842 ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 28129: Black Glaze Echinus Bowl with Graffito

Five joining fragments. Part of wall and lip missing. Restored in plaster. Ring foot without groove on resting surface. Graffito inside base: Fully glazed. Glaze much peeled. Well and cistern. Container ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 28130: Black Glaze Echinus Bowl

Three joining fragments. Two opposite sections of lip preserved and most of base; much of wall missing. Restored in plaster. Incurving, echinus rim, ring foot. Fully glazed except resting surface (not ... 5-9 August 1968

[Agora Object] P 29328: Bowl

Mended. Missing ca. half of rim. High ring foot, grooved on resting surface. Incurved rim. Thin wash, mostly peeled. Buff clay. Cistern. 5061-5063 Leica ... 5-9 August 1968