[Agora Object] A 4505: Column Base: Ionic

Largely complete, chips missing. Standard Attic Ionic base. Cuttings on opposite sides, apparently for insertion of parapet slabs, with width narrowing from outside to within. No cutting on bottom. Round ... August 1973


[Agora Object] A 4214: Column Base: Engaged

Two joining pieces; complete except for chips. a) Section of base for pilaster. Moldings above plinth are, from bottom: torus, scotia with projecting crowning fillet, torus. Large square empolion cutting ... 10 May 1971


[Agora Object] I 2729: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. At top of wall, as preserved, inscribed face is up; left face formed part of north face of wall. Sides dressed smooth. Dimensions are maxima visible before removal. Full width preserved; ... 11 December 1934


[Agora Object] I 6628: Base Fragments

Inscribed statue base; Iliad base. Put together from about sixty fragments. Finished with drove in front face, with toothed chisel on lateral faces, fine picked on top, rough picked on back. Left foot ... May 1953


[Agora Object] S 2038: Statue of Iliad

Lacks head, left arm, right hand, left leg in toto and right leg below knee. Standing female figure wearing cuirass, cloak and girdle, with a remnant of a sword by her right side. The surface when not ... 1869


[Agora Object] S 2039: Statue of Odyssey

Lacks head, both arms and both legs. Female figure wearing cuirass, cloak and girdle. On front of cuirass in relief, Scylla; on lappets of upper row from left to right, Aiolos, three sirens, Polyphemos; ... 1869