[Agora Object] P 21570: Spouted Cup

Mended from several pieces; chips missing. Slightly flaring lip, narrow, very low base, flattish handle from rim to body. Rim, spout, probably handle covered with paint; probably the upper half covered ... LH III B (possibly C)


[Agora Object] P 23182: Hydria

Mended from three pieces, one of them being a handle; cracked. Part of lip restored; small hole below the one horizontal handle. Plain thickened rim; ring foot with straight profile and narrow resting ... 5 May 1953

[Agora Object] P 23184: Oinochoe

Intact, except for chips from mouth and foot and small holes on body. Trefoil mouth; flat handle rooted on rim and body with a finger depression at lower attachment; ring foot with almost vertical sides ... 5 May 1953

[Agora Object] P 23186: Oinochoe

One-third of foot missing, the rest of it badly chipped. Chips missing from lip. Short almost straight neck, slightly flaring thickened rim. Round body. Flaring ring foot with flat resting surface; almost ... 5 May 1953


[Agora Object] P 24790: Amphora

Burial Amphora. Most of neck, part of shoulder and small pieces of body missing. Substantial ring foot; plump ovoid body; plain flaring rim; small shoulder handles. Around neck, hatched maeander band, ... Early Geometric.