[Agora Object] I 6694: Mining Inscription

Inscribed stele. A complete stele with flat top. Sides roughly dressed except at front edge. Back roughly worked and very irregular. The inscribed surface has been carefully re-dressed with a toothed chisel ... 31 August 1954


[Agora Object] IL 1267: Lead Water Pipe Section

First and best preserved section of water pipe from system found in place. Made of a sheet of lead folded to form a tube. The opening at one end is larger, for insertion of the connecting section of pipe ... 2 May 1952


[Agora Object] I 7168: Herm Base

Inscribed Herm base. Part of top west surface broken away. Inscribed front. Socket for insertion of Herm above. Within socket, a round dowel hole, with lead remains. Smoothly finished sides, back tooth ... 17 July 1970


[Agora Object] I 7295: Decree

Inscribed stele. Complete. Decree honoring Kallias, son of the Thymochares, of Sphettios, in the archonship of Sosistratos. Similar decree honors his brother. Pentelic marble. Cf. IG II2, no. 682. Finished ... 270/69 B.C. (?).


[Agora Object] I 7354: Base

Inscribed statue base. Missing are chips. Crossward is cavetto over ovolo. Cutting for bronze statue on top. Inscribed on front. Faint traces of red paint on ovolo. White crystal marble. Found in late ... 24 March 1972


[Agora Object] P 23182: Hydria

Mended from three pieces, one of them being a handle; cracked. Part of lip restored; small hole below the one horizontal handle. Plain thickened rim; ring foot with straight profile and narrow resting ... 5 May 1953

[Agora Object] P 23184: Oinochoe

Intact, except for chips from mouth and foot and small holes on body. Trefoil mouth; flat handle rooted on rim and body with a finger depression at lower attachment; ring foot with almost vertical sides ... 5 May 1953

[Agora Object] P 23186: Oinochoe

One-third of foot missing, the rest of it badly chipped. Chips missing from lip. Short almost straight neck, slightly flaring thickened rim. Round body. Flaring ring foot with flat resting surface; almost ... 5 May 1953