[Agora Coin] N 3490

Magnesia on the Maiandros ... Coin no. 18. Casts stored in Lab Case no. 52B. Red sand road fill. Cavalryman on prancing horse r. MAγN above Bull butting l.; below, [ - -]ω[.]. 127 C 736, 85-21-5 ... 4th - 3rd c. B.C ... Β'

[Agora Coin] N 3514

Pergamon ... Municipal coinage. Coin no. 81. ***COIN MISSING since June 1975.*** West of drain. Head of Athena r., wearing Attic helmet ornamented with star. [AθH]NA[ς]|NIKHφOPOY Owl, wings spread, standing, facing, ... Ca. 197-133 B.C ... Β'


[Agora Image] 2012.31.0031 (Section Β' 14)

AMS 104 Horizontal (normal) ... 11 May 1934 ... Β'


[Agora Image] 2012.31.0032 (Section Β' 15)

AMS 105 Horizontal (normal) ... 11 May 1934 ... Β'

[Agora Object] L 1523: Three Nozzle Lamp

Handle, end of one nozzle, and one complete nozzle missing. Ring foot, deep round body with three nozzles and a vertical strap handle. The nozzles triangular ended, with flaring grooves ending in small ... Late 2nd or early 1st. century B.C. (?) ... Β' 82


[Agora Object] L 1524: Three Nozzle Lamp

Handle missing and the ends of the nozzles chipped. Flat raised base, deep round body; the best preserved of the three nozzles is rounded at the end. Shallow depressed top, decorated with an incised ring ... Late 2nd.-late 1st. centuries B.C ... Β'

[Agora Object] L 1525: Lamp

The handle missing. Flat bottom, deep round body with long nozzle and vertical strap handle. Shallow convex rim. Unpierced lug on one side. Wheelmade. Buff clay. Red glaze mostly peeled off. Type 35A ... 125-75 B.C ... Β'

[Agora Object] L 1560: Lamp Fragment

Part of the bottom and lower nozzle preserved, with letters in relief on the bottom: Λ Ι Ο Λ Ι C Gray clay, black glaze. Type 48A of Agora collection, type XVIII of Corinth collection. Cf. Agora IV, ... Probably somewhat before 75-50 B.C ... Β'