[Agora Lot] Β 276: Sixth Passa to 56.20; Red

Geometric; Protoattic. Fragments of Tharios cup ... 7th B.C ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ

[Agora Lot] Β 277: Seventh Passa to 56; Red

Geometric; Protoattic. 1 Corinthian fragment; 1 Gray Minyan; the greater part of the Tharios cup from this tin ... 7th B.C ... Β 277 ... Lot Β 277

[Agora Lot] Β 336: Fill over Road; Layer III to Grave 4 West of Road

Black figure; black glaze; selected coarse; Corinthian and Geometric ... 6th-5th B.C ... Β 336 ... Lot Β 336

[Agora Object] P 6464: Cup Fragment

From a cup or open pot glazed inside. Outside, a band of diminishing triangles, cross-hatched at the center; cross-hatched lozenge band between lines; incised rosettes. Yellow clay, bright red glaze ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ ... Lot Β 276


[Agora Object] P 4659: Cup

Some pieces from one side and the rim, and one handle, are missing. Flat- bottomed cup with outward turned lip and two horizontal loop handles, tilted slightly upward. Glazed reddish brown, except for ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:37/Ε ... Lot Β 277


[Agora Object] P 4663: Skyphos Fragment with Graffito

About half the body preserved; mended from many pieces; one fragment, mended from three pieces, does not join. Low ring foot, straight lip. Inside and outside, traces of a thin black glaze wash, now nearly ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ ... Lot Β 276


[Agora Object] P 4664: Amphora Fragment with Graffito

From a large amphora covered with streaky red glaze outside. Incised through the glaze Cf. P 4599 (Β 1084). Mostly Geometric fill. Leica, 7-524, 8-66 PD 420, PD 1133-4(D 4) ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ ... Lot Β 276


[Agora Object] P 4670: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Little Master and Inscribed

Black figured lip cup fragment; a senseless inscription painted in black glaze in the handle band. Red fill. B' building fills, B- fill to north. Leica ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:38-40/Ε-Θ ... Lot Β 336

[Agora Object] T 683: Cock Figurine Fragment

First interpretation: figurine fragment. Perhaps from the body of a draped figure, with drapery gathered tight in horizontal folds around the waist (?). Traces of white paint, and red on the white. Red ... 19 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:38-40/ΣΤ-Θ ... Lot Β 336

[Agora Lot] Β 278: Eighth Passa to 55.80; Red

Geometric; a few fragments of Tharios cup ... 7th B.C ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ

[Agora Lot] Β 320: Grave 6

Black glazed sherds, not catalogued. Kantharoi; bowls; little stamped black glazed. Coins: 21 February 1935 #1 ... 4th-3rd B.C ... Β

[Agora Lot] Β 338: Fill along East Face of Wall C to Road Strosis; Layer III

Black figure; black glaze; selected coarse; little Protoattic ... 6th B.C ... Β ... Β:40-42/Η-Ι

[Agora Object] L 1656: Lamp

Part of nozzle missing. Flat bottom, nearly straight side-wall, flat rim grooved around outer edge. No handle. Pinkish-buff clay; black glaze, peeled. Type 23D of Agora collection, type VI (Inkwell variety) ... 350-300 B.C ... Β 1180

[Agora Object] L 1657: Lamp

The right side, and all the top, missing. Convex side wall, flat bottom; short nozzle flat on top; large wick hole. The base of the nozzle suggests a flat rim. Attic clay, rather metallic black glaze ... Late 3rd.-4th. century A.D ... Β ... Β:37/Α

[Agora Object] P 6467: Cup

Flat-bottomed round-bodied cup with straight rim and horizontal loop handles. Reds glaze inside and outside to handle zone; in handle zone on each side, birds facing across a panel filled with vertical ... 20 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:34-38/Ε-ΣΤ ... Lot Β 278

[Agora Object] P 4666: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment with Graffito

From the bottom of a black glazed bowl with ring foot. Incised through black glaze around reserved medallion inside foot. Mixed Hellenistic fill, on surface. Leica PD 1133-10(F 26) ... 20 February 1935 ... Β 1144


[Agora Object] P 4668: Ostrakon of Themistokles Neokleous Phrearrios

From the rim of a semi-glazed krater. Inscribed on the inside, just below rim: Pink clay; rather metallic black glaze on rim and inside, badly peeled Finished 6th. c. fill to red strosis. B' building ... 20 February 1935 ... Β 1146

[Agora Object] P 4669: Ostrakon of Aristeides Lysimachou Alopekethen

Mended from two pieces. From an unglazed large pot. Micaceous pink clay with gray core; yellowish slip outside. 6th. c. fill to red strosis. Building fill of poros building, B- fill to north. Leica, ... 20 February 1935 ... Β 1147


[Agora Object] P 4700: Jug with Incised Decoration

Squat jug. Handle and bottom missing. Flat bottom, very squat body with narrow neck, flaring lip and one vertical strap handle, lip to shoulder. Whole body decorated with fine vertical incisions. Poor ... 20 February 1935 ... Β 1182


[Agora Object] P 4705: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment

About half the rim and side wall preserved. Short, almost straight side wall turned outward at the lip. Attic clay, metallic black glaze inside and on rim and side wall outside. Grave 6. Late 4th. early ... 20 February 1935 ... Β ... Β:37/Α