[Agora Coin] N 19471

Athens ... Coin no. 1. Cast in Lab Case 52D Tholos Trench D, I layer, disturbed. Bust of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. AθHN-AIΩN Themistokles, in military dress and holding trophy with l. hand and wreath ... Ca. 120's-140's A.D. or later ... Ζ-2716

[Agora Lot] Ζ 226: Tholos Trench D; Layer I

21 May 1937 #1-#2 ... Early 3rd B.C ... Ζ 226 ... Lot Ζ 226

[Agora Lot] Ζ 227: Tholos Trench D; Layer II

Late 4th - Early 3rd B.C ... Ζ

[Agora Lot] Ζ 230: Tholos Trench E; West Part, Layer I, Dug Bedrock

Many small saucers ... Late 4th B.C.-early 3rd ... Ζ 230 ... Lot Ζ 230


[Agora Image] Area to northeast of Tholos, Late Roman disturbances removed.

AMS north 1614 Horizontal (normal) ... 21 May 1937 ... Ζ

[Agora Lot] Ζ 204: Tholos Trench C; Layer IV, with Poros Capitals

Early red-figure; later bits (uncertain?); 1 black glaze; 1 late Roman ... Second half of 6th B.C ... Ζ