ΟΟ 233Building A; Bath; Debris in Plundered North Wall; Associated with Marble Chip Floor20-22 Apr 19484th-5th A.D. 
 ΠΠ 91Strosis West of Building P Room 7's Post-Herulian West Wall22 Apr 1948Hellenistic 
 ΠΠ 117North-South Trench XIII; Catch Basin in House D, Room 122 Apr 19483rd A.D. 
 ΠΠ 119South Continuation of Drain 122 Apr 19481st B.C. 
 ΠΠ 127Great Drain Bridge; Under Strosis I22 Apr 1948  
 ΠΠ 128Great Drain Bridge; Under Strosis II22 Apr 1948  
 ΠΠ 141Building P; Room 7; Above West Floor III21-22 Apr 1948Early Roman 
 ΠΠ 143Building P; Room 7; Over South Floor III22 Apr 1948Augustan