[Agora Object] P 19136: Black Figure Lekythos Fragment

Mended from four pieces; fragment giving full height of figured zone and a little of the shoulder. Warrior standing left; crested helmet, shield, spear and greaves. Purple for helmet and greaves; white ... 16-17, 22-24 September, 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ ... Lot ΝΝ 492 ... Lot ΝΝ 489


[Agora Object] P 19137: Black Figure Lekythos Fragment

Single fragment preserves part of shoulder and upper wall. Linked lotus pattern on shoulder. Heads and shoulders of two standing figures, left: a woman, and a youth holding a spear. White for the woman's ... 16-17, 22-24 September, 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ ... Lot ΝΝ 492 ... Lot ΝΝ 489


[Agora Object] P 18612: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Part of the neck and shoulder of a neck amphora with stump of one rolled vertical handle. Raised ring, once painted purple, at junction of neck and body. On neck, part of an elaborate palmette pattern; ... 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ 3788

[Agora Object] P 19560: Black Glaze Skyphos: Type A

A large piece missing from one side, with the handle; also a fragment of the other handle. Early 4th. c.-type skyphos, drawn in at foot and below out-turned rim. Glazed over all except bottom; decorated ... 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ ... Lot ΝΝ 690

[Agora Object] P 19562: Black Glaze Olpe

Some fragments of body, especially at shoulder, missing. Elongated body; flat bottom; round mouth; vertical handle rising above lip. Dullish black glaze over all. C 19:5(b) South of House R, under tile ... 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ 4461

[Agora Object] B 863: Dikast's Ticket

Broken into five pieces and very fragmentary. Inscribed. From the "dump". Store in ziplock polyethylene bag and in area with 40% r.h. or lower. Wear cotton or latex gloves when handling. Do not bang around ... 25 October 1947 ... ΝΝ 4538


[Agora Notebook Page] ΝΝ-31-88 (pp. 6164-6165)

Poros Enlosure. Fill. Well ... ΝΝ-31 6164, 6165 C 18:4 C 18:6 ... 24 October 1947 ... ΝΝ


[Agora Notebook Page] ΝΝ-34-23 (pp. 6636-6637)

House N ... ΝΝ-34 6636, 6637 ΝΝ 3801 P 18615 ... 25 Oct 1947 ... ΝΝ