[Agora Object] I 1239: Grave Monument

Inscribed columnar grave monument. Preserved largely complete, but somewhat broken at bottom and back. Surface weathered. Two lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found at the surface, ... 26 January 1934 ... I 1239 ... I 1239 ... Λ 71

[Agora Object] I 1238: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Broken all round. Four lines of the inscription preserved; stoichedon. The lines of the inscription are faintly ruled. Pentelic marble. Found in the wall of a modern house, in the southeastern ... 26 January 1934 ... I 1238 ... I 1238 ... Λ 70

[Agora Object] T 665: Animal Figurine Fragment

Head of animal. Broken off at neck; much battered; only stumps of ears remain. The nose is broken away. The eyes are indicated by unsymetrical piercings, the eye brows which meet at the nose are incised ... 26 January 1934 ... T 665 ... T 665 ... Λ 475

[Agora Coin] N 41909

Uncertain Sultan ... "Ribbon fabric." Coin no. 3. GCM 883.3 West of westernmost wall of Byzantine Building, from gravelly layer at level of top of that wall ... 15th-16th c. A.D ... Η'-3973 ... N 41909 ... N 41909

[Agora Object] I 1242: Grave Monument Fragment

Fragment of inscription. Inscribed face at right edge preserved, both dressed with a toothed chisel. Part of seven letters of the inscription preserved in one line, and two in the line below. Hymettian ... 27 January 1934 ... I 1242 ... I 1242 ... Λ 75

[Agora Object] I 1271: Grave Monument Fragment

Columnar grave monument. The upper part, with some of the fillet remains. One line of the inscription preserved. Bluish-white marble. Found as left by previous excavators, in the area of the New Bouleuterion ... 27 January 1934 ... I 1271 ... I 1271 ... ΟΕ 12


[Agora Object] I 1362: Prytany Decree Fragment

Fragment of unfluted column drum. A flake from the side of an unfluted column drum, the surface of which shows the marks of a fine toothed chisel. Fifteen lines of the inscription preserved. Note erasures ... 180-192 A.D ... I 1362 ... I 1362 ... ΟΕ 17

[Agora Object] A 258: Architrave Backer

Back and bottom surface broken away; top preserved, with evidence of a clamp cutting. The crowning molding projects 0.018m. Anathyrosis on preserved end. Weathering along front edge on top. Assigned to ... 27 January 1934 ... A 258 ... A 258 ... ΟΕ 3