[Agora Coin] N 25373

Corinth ... L. Aeficius Certus, C. Iulius. Coin no. 9. N.W. trench, north end, on strosis. LAVS IVLI/COR Head of Julius Caesar r., laur. [L CE]RTO FICIO/[C IVLIO IIVIR] Bellerophon, striking with spear, on Pegasos ... 44 or 43 B.C.


[Agora Coin] N 25375

Athens ... Coin no. 16. Casts stored in Lab Case No.52E. N.W. trench, center. Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. A-Θ Owl standing r., facing. All in wheat wreath. 613 85-15-19 ... 284-270's B.C.

[Agora Coin] N 18048

Kleonai ... Coin no. 4. Great Drain, upper levels. Head of young Herakles r. Kλ|Eω in parsley wreath. 490, 1300, 1477 ... Late 4th c. B.C.

[Agora Coin] N 41848

Uncertain ... Bāyazīd II ... Probably Bāyazīd II. No mint, no date. Coin no. 14. GCM 856.14 322 ... 1481-1512 A.D.

[Agora Coin] N 42151

Uncertain Sultan, Imitation ... "Sequins", Jeweler's Pieces. GCM 1004.14. Trench Ι; surface. Imitation toghra. Central star and 5 surrounding crescents, enclosed by a border of stars. 627 ... 19th-first half of 20th c. A.D.

[Agora Coin] N 26512

Euboian League ... Coin no. 6. On "bastion" north of retaining wall. Bull recumbent l. [EY-BO-EΩN] below Two bunches of grapes on a branch. 464, 465 ... 304-ca. 290 B.C.


[Agora Coin] N 18081

Athens ... Obv. die B. Coin no. 37. Great Drain, green gravel. Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. A-θ Owl standing r., facing, on thunderbolt. Border of dots. 503, 1300, 1478 C 278, 85-11-4 ... 229 - ca. 224/223 B.C.


[Agora Coin] N 18091: Greek Coin

Athens ... Χάλκινο Αθηνών 2ου αιώνα μ.Χ. Coin no. 47. Casts. Brown earth, level of Great Drain. Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. Border of dots. Α?Θ?Η-ΝΑ-Ι-ΩΝ? Athena standing, holding spear with r ... Ca. 264-267 A.D.