[Agora Object] P 8114: Vessel Fragment with Relief Decoration

From an open pot with high cylindrical body; the rim is broken off. In relief below the rim, a series of concentric circles and dots; below, a goat mask, garlanded, in applied relief; to the right, a thyrsos, ... February-May 1936 ... P 8114 ... P 8114 ... ΠΘ 1755

[Agora Object] P 8115: Bowl Fragment: Stamped

From a small open Samian A bowl with ring foot. A star is stamped at the middle of the floor. Pinkish clay and shiny red glaze. Cf. Agora XXXIV, p. 179. Well. Leica, 83-27-21 PD 1171-177, PD 1172-4 ... February-May 1936 ... P 8115 ... P 8115 ... ΠΘ 1756

[Agora Object] P 6931: Plemochoe

The base missing; body and lip fragmentary. Rounded lower body, upper body convex-concave with plain flaring lip. A broad flange at the junction of upper and lower bodies, with part of one horizontal handle ... February 1936 ... P 6931 ... P 6931 ... ΠΘ 716

[Agora Object] P 6936: Black Glaze Oinochoe

Most of the lip missing; the body fragmentary; strengthened with plaster. Ring foot; flaring trefoil lip, rising handle triangular in section. Fairly good black glaze somewhat chipped; unglazed underneath; ... February 1936 ... P 6936 ... P 6936 ... ΠΘ 721


[Agora Object] P 6941: Jar

One handle and parts of the walls restored plaster. Low flat base. Eggy body; sloping shoulder; high narrow neck, flaring slightly above a handle ridge, to a rolled rim. Two band handles, ridge to shoulder ... February 1936 ... P 6941 ... P 6941 ... ΠΘ 726

[Agora Object] P 6947: Kantharos: West Slope

About one-third of the upper wall missing. One handle complete; a fragment giving the attachment of the other does not join (and not included in restoration). Shallow lower body; high slightly concave ... February 1936 ... P 6947 ... P 6947 ... ΠΘ 733

[Agora Object] P 6948: Kantharos Fragment: West Slope

All of the rim, and much of the upper wall missing, with fragments from body and foot. The lower attachments of both handles remain. Deep lower body; slightly convex upper wall set in from the body. Neatly ... February 1936 ... P 6948 ... P 6948 ... ΠΘ 734

[Agora Object] P 6961: Black Glaze Echinus Bowl

Intact. Very broad ring base; incurving rim. Dull black glaze over all, somewhat chipped. Theseion, cistern B. Leica ... February 1936 ... P 6961 ... P 6961 ... ΠΘ 748