[Agora Lot] Χ 13: Grave 2

1 Feb 1937 ... Grave 2

[Agora Lot] Χ 33: 81/Μ; On Bedrock

Late Roman ... 81/Μ; On Bedrock


[Agora Object] I 4486: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of crowning member of grave monument. Broken at both ends and at back below. One line of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble. Finished Found in modern wall, at the north foot ... 1 February 1937 ... I 4486 ... I 4486 ... Φ 49


[Agora Object] P 36061: Early Geometric Cooking Pot

Partially preserved cooking pot mended from numerous fragments (a), two joining body fragments (b) and one loose rim fragment (c). Handle and most of upper body missing. Miniature size cooking pot with ... February 1937 ... P 36061 ... P 36061 ... Φ 1160


[Agora Coin] N 35256

Megara ... unpublished Casts Finished Bust of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet; border of dots. [MΕ]-γA-PΕ l., above, and r. of Tripod; border of dots. C 286, 85-26-21 ... 1st century B.C.--3rd century after Christ ... Ν-976 ... N 35256 ... N 35256


[Agora Object] P 32493: Vessel Fragment: Cooking Ware

Orlo Bifido pan fragment; single rim fragment. Nearly vertical wall with trace of flat bottom preserved. Grooved rim. Hard, gritty fabric with sparking inclusions. Light red (10R 6/6) inside or in break, ... February 1937 ... P 32493 ... P 32493 ... Χ 1142


[Agora Object] P 32663: Vessel Fragment: Cooking Ware

Single fragment preserving handle, part of rim, neck and trace of body. Flaring body; convex neck; offset vertical rim; thickened lip, flat on top. Horizontal handle, round in section, attached at rim, ... February 1937 ... P 32663 ... P 32663 ... Χ 1143


[Agora Object] P 32664: Vessel Fragment: Cooking Ware

Single fragment of floor, wall and rim, preserving complete profile of pan. Uneven disk base; flaring straight wall, offset (on the exterior) and curving at rim. Rough groove on exterior of rim and in ... February 1937 ... P 32664 ... P 32664 ... Χ 1144