[Agora Lot] ΟΟ 247: Area House I A; North Part

Late Roman-Dark Age ... ΟΟ 247 ... Lot ΟΟ 247

[Agora Object] L 4403: Lamp

Most of top preserved and part of back; end of nozzle and upper half of handle missing. Spirals on rim; relief on discus: Poseidon, right, trident in right hand, dolphin perched on left hand; cloak wrapped ... 6 May 1947 ... ΟΟ 418

[Agora Object] L 4187: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Mended from several pieces; top of nozzle missing. Grapevine on rim; rays on discus; handle grooved, not pierced through. Reverse, two circular grooves, enclosing the signature, incised: "E Y". Unglazed ... 6 May 1947 ... ΟΟ 91

[Agora Object] I 5979: Grave Monument Fragment

Inscribed fragment of columnar grave monument. Broken top and bottom. Four lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Found in modern cellar wall outside the Market Square, on the southeast ... 7 May 1947 ... ΟΟ


[Agora Object] S 1238: Votive Plaque with Relief

Broken at bottom; surface chipped; back used as door sill at some time, but is probably close to original surface. Preserved is a bearded snake in relief. Pentelic marble. Dedication to Zeus Meilichios; ... 7 May 1947 ... ΟΟ


[Agora Object] P 19078: Panathenaic Amphora Fragment

About half of neck reserved. Break for lower handle attachment at lower left. Part of helmet and high white crest right, preserved. At left, just to right of black panel under handle and just above break, ... 7 May 1947 ... ΟΟ 420


[Agora Object] P 17793: Bowl

About two-thirds of rim and part of side missing. Low ring foot; flaring wall; vertical rim, slightly concave on outside. Samian. West (east?) wall of elliptical drain. 404 Leica ... 7 May 1947 ... ΟΟ ... ΟΟ:52/ΛΘ-ΜΒ


[Agora Image] Great Drain.

AMS 589 Horizontal (normal) ... 8 May 1947 ... ΟΟ