[Agora Deposit] A 14:2: Cistern in ΠΘ

Report on sorting of pottery, August 1951, by H.S. Robinson [nb p. 3666]. Cistern discovered and dug to 1.60m., vi/10/36; dug to bottom iv/22/37-v/6/37. Diam. At mouth 0.26m.; neck begins to widen out ... 1st. c. B.C. to post-Herulian


[Agora Coin] N 51720

Kyme ... Tranquillina BMC 145 (same rev. die). [(A 14:2)] Ob. ΦΟVΡΙΑ. ΤΡΑΝΚVΛΛΕΙΝΑ. CEB. Bust of Tranquillina right. Re. ΕΑVΡΑCΚΛΗΠ ΙΑΚΟVTBKVM αι ΩΝ (within) Cult-statue of Artemis of Ephesus, wearing modius; ... A.D. 238--244: Tranquillina


[Agora Coin] N 51722

Deultum ... Julia Mamea J. Jurukova, Die Münzprägung von Deultum, Berlin 1973, no. 173. [(A 14:2)] Ob. IVLIA MAMAEA AVG. RE. COL FLPA CDEVL T (in exergue) Eagle on an altar, holding crown in his beak, on each side ... A.D. 222-235: Julia Mamea


[Agora Coin] N 51724

Alexandria Troas ... Volusian Bellinger A423. [(A 14:2)] Ob. IMP. C. VIBIAFINIOLVSSIANV Bust of Volusian right laureate, wearing paludamentum and cuirass. Re. COL AVGTRO Eagle facing head left, holding bull;s head in talons ... A.D. 251--253: Volusian


[Agora Coin] N 51725

Chios ... Mavrogordato 1918, nos. 127α, 128. [(A 14:2: ca. A.D. 250)] OB. AC CAP IA ΤΡΙΑ (in exergue) Spinx seated right with left forepaw raised; in front prow; border of dots. Re. X I Ω Ν Amphora between two ... Later 2nd or early 3rd century after Christ


[Agora Coin] N 51728

Athens ... Sv. 80.33, 34; Kroll 1972, pl. 39:1--5 Coin no. 4. Cistern. Head of Athena Parthenos r.; border of dots. Θ//Ε Athena advancing r., carrying lowered spear in r. hand, aegis draped over extended l. arm; ... Mid 20's-19 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] A 14:2.1: Upper Fill (post-Herulian) not shelved as group

"baskets" 1-5 Coins: 22 April 1937 #7 23 April 1937 #17-#18 24 April 1937 #1 coins from Dump: 28 May 1937 #31-#32 ADDENDA Top-early 4th. c. consistent with coins of Licinius and Maximinus in good condition ... post-Herulian

[Agora Deposit] A 14:2.2: Bottom and Middle Fills: First Century B.C. - First Century A.D.

Coins: 26 April 1937 #1-#7 27 April 1937 #2-#5 28 April 1937 #1 ... 1st. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D.