[Agora Object] P 21577: Three-Handled Jar

Mended from many pieces; fragment of rim, base and walls missing. Rim slightly flaring downwards; short neck, flat bottom projecting; vertical band handles. Neck inside and out, rim, handles outside, lower ... LH III A-B

[Agora Object] G 436: Bead

Slightly broken. Surface pitted. Large hole through the center. White paste. Late Helladic III A-B. Mycenaean chamber tomb, main chamber, pocket in floor at west side. 4698 Leica ... 9 July 1951

[Agora Object] ST 515: Whorl or Button

Intact save minor chips. Pierced. Double conical shape. Steatite. Mycenaean Chamber Tomb. Main chamber, east skeleton, under neck. 4690 Leica PD 1200-26 ... 9 July 1951

[Agora Object] J 126: Gold Bead

Small round bead. Pierced for stringing on a necklace. Mycanaean chamber tomb. Among bones at S.E. corner. Late Helladic III A-B. 4689 Leica, 6-158 ... 4 July 1951