[Agora Deposit] J 1-2:1: Ostraka Layer

A total of 79 ostraka was recovered from Room 5 of the Classical Building. More of this deposit was excavated in the 2021 season on the opposite side of the scarp of Wall R, up against the face of Wall ... 500-475 B.C ... J/11,15-1/19,2/1 ... J/13,16-1/19,2/2 ... J/10,15-1/18,2/1

[Agora Deposit] J 1:18: Late Archaic Pottery Concentration

Brian Martens ... This deep stratum (ca. 030m) is delayed Persian destruction cleanup deposited in the 470s B.C. it contains about one generation's worth of pottery, almost exclusively dating between about 500-470 B.C ... 29 June-19 July 2017 12–15 July 2022 ... building; atop J 1:18 was a layer ... J 1:18 in the 2022


[Agora Deposit] D 16:11: Casting pit

Laura Gawlinski ... Bronze foundry north of bridge on Piraeus street, east of Great Drain. Keyhole-shaped bronze casting pit, cut into bedrock. 2016: Continuation of the excavation of a rectangular pit with foundry debris, ... Late 6th-early 5th c. B.C. (Late Archaic/ Early Classical) ... (N-S), at least 1.35m wide; ... 1.36m deep. We reached a ... north-south: 2.58m long; 1.35m at


[Agora Deposit] J 1:10: Mycenaean Chamber Tomb

Brian Martens ... It was partially excavated during the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The tomb, located at the center of Room III in the NE area of section ΒΖ, was found under fill surrounding perpendicular mid-to late 6th c ... LHIIIA ... J 1:10 ... J 1:10


[Agora Deposit] K 3:2: Byzantine Layer with Complete Pots

James Artz Pirisino Daniele Kylindreas Miltiades ... Excavation in Room 3 of ΒΘ West revealed 5 ceramic vessels in a row against the eastern face of Wall 12. 3 complete vessels (ΒΘ 122, 124, and 125) were catalogued, along with the base of a plain glazed ... 9th-11th c. A.D ... K/6,9-3/1,3


[Agora Deposit] J 1:15: Probable Well

Brian Martens ... Located in the southern section of Room I, now bound by the scarp of Wall U at the north,, the scarp of Wall L at the east,, and a modern pit at the south. At its now low elevations, excavated in the 2015 ... Third quarter of 5th c. B.C ... J/16,17-1/13,15


[Agora Deposit] J 1:13: Tomb

Marcie Handler ... This deposit is a Mycenaean cist grave with two cover slabs, a type of burial described by Immerwahr in Agora XIII (pp. 103-104). Cist graves appear side by side with chamber tombs in the Mycenaean cemeteries ... LHIIB-LHIIIA:1 ... grave measured 1.80m long (E to W) and 1.06m wide (N to


[Agora Deposit] J 1:11: Mycenaean Chamber Tomb

Brian Martens ... Mycenaean Chamber Tomb J 1:11, located in the area north of Wall K, was partially excavated during the 2014 season. At this point the full western extent of the chamber has not been located because of ... LHIIIA ... J/15,18-1/6,8 ... J/17-1/7,8