ΣΑ 532Well in Stoa Shop 6December 1953450-425 B.C. 
 ΒΔ 532Greek House γ; West End; Layer 618 May 1972Late Helladic IIIB 
 Ζ 532Tholos Trench W; Inside Small Stone Drain27 Apr 1938Early 5th B.C. 
 Β 532North of Tholos; West Area; Clearing Plundered Trench of Wall B20 May 19375th B.C. 
 ΟΟ 532Main East-West Street Drain and Water Channels; Disturbed Road Fill by Wall E14 Oct 19492nd-3rd A.D. 
 Ω 532Well Q 21:3; 0-7.25m17 July 19711st half of 5th B.C. 
 Lot 2014 040Second Floor Deposit, South Hall. Frankish (1210-1458 AD) 
 Lot 2016 040EH compacted fills.