[Corinth Report] Blue 2010 Session 1 summary

Rob Nichols, Marty Wells Corinth Excavations 2010 North of Nezi We, Rob Nichols and Marty Wells, commenced excavation in the area north of Nezi during the first session of the 2010 Corinth excavation season, ... subsequent fills 6686, and 6682 in

[Corinth Report] 2010 Session II Blue Final Report: Well Room (A), Room south of Courtyard (B), and Room South of the Byzantine House ( C )

Corinth Excavations 2010 Session II North of Nezi Room A We, Cameron Pearson and Lincoln Nemetz Carlson, continued the excavation in the area north of Nezi opened by Rob Nichols and Martin Wells in the ... activity 6686 and 6682 in later

[Agora Object] L 4532: Lamp Fragment

Trefoil lamp with flat bottom; the nozzle (burned) and part of the side preserved. Dull black glaze inside (?). Pinkish-buff clay. Type 4 of Agora collection. ADDENDA Restored in plaster since photographing ... 16 October 1947 ... 6681-6682

[Agora Object] MC 218: Bead

Spherical, pierced vertically. Slightly diagonal vertical grooves. Soft clay, burned and somewhat chipped. Grave 3. Found outside the burial amphora P 6682 in ash fill. Leica, LVII-32 PD 2774-103 ... 6 February 1936 ... Grave 3. Found outside the burial amphora P 6682 in ash fill.

[Corinth Object] MF 6682: BRONZE RING

Bronze ... MF 6682 ... 6682


[Agora Object] P 6682: Amphora

Lip and most of neck missing. Shoulder much broken and mended. Ring foot and upwards tilted horizontal loop handles. Reserved band at handle zone; two narrow bands above and below and triple wavy line ... 6 February 1936 ... P 6682 ... P 6682

[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field, context 6682: Foundation trench for wall 10095

Cut 1104 6682 0 The context shape in plan is rectrangular. The top break of the cut is sharp. The sides of the cut are concave. The break at the base of the cut is gradual. The base of the cut is concave ... npd ... 6682