[Corinth Basket] Nezi Field, context 6524: Well, bottom fill

Deposit 1103 6524 0 Lot 2009-088 Top slope of the context is level. The soil color is dark greenish brown. The soil compaction is soft. The soil is moderately sorted. It is sandy clay. Context 6524 was ... 3/4 13th ... Nezi Field, context 6524

[Corinth Coin] 2009 166: Roman Imperial Copper/Bronze Coin

AE traces bust r., dr. traces/ Victory dragging captive?? Nezi 6524, Nezi Field, context 6524, . MI: LR. One ought to be able to do something with the reverse type ... Nezi Field

[Corinth Report] 2009 Excavation summary

Katie Rask, Marty Wells ASCSA Corinth Excavations End of Season Report Blue Team North of Nezi The following is a summary of the excavations carried out in the area north of Nezi field during the 2009 ... north of Nezi field during ... Sanders, the field director ... determine context changes based

[Agora Object] P 6524: Black Glaze Pyxis

Much missing; restored in plaster. High ring foot, set in under body. Side shallow concave. Traces of a ledge for lid to rest on around outer edge below rim. Pinkish buff clay, black glaze. Well 5. Leica, ... 21 March-16 April 1935 ... P 6524 ... P 6524


[Agora Object] I 6524: Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. The top akroterion and some of the bottom below the setting line broken away; otherwise intact. An attempt was made in antiquity to break up the stele, and a narrow channel ... 337/336 B.C ... I 6524 ... I 6524


[Agora Image] Fragment of red figure oinochoe.

Angelique Sideris ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 36. Horizontal (normal) ... 13 Mar 2012 ... 2012.02.6524 ... 2012.02.6524


[Corinth Image] BOX

Dellatolas, Petros ... specific view 21TH-Chinese,Seljuq,Armenian-Modern:France,Spain,Turk,Russia,England,Greece Canon EOS 5D NB0 B0 P0 ... 2010-04-07 11:33:48+03 ... digital2011 6524 ... 6524