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Dellatolas, Petros ... specific view PEL2-Greece Peloponnesus Achaean-Aegeira-Aegium-Dyme-Patrae-Pellene ... digital 2011 4052 ... 2011 ... 4052

[Corinth Lot] Lot 2011 080: Robbing trench fill for E-W cut (4054).

5th c. AD depositional date, but mostly ER material ... Roman ... Theater Context 4052


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slide 4052 ... 4052

[Agora Object] P 4052: Kantharos Fragment: West Slope

A garland of pointed pendents rendered in thinned clay suspended between the handles. On the neck, above, a horizontal line in white paint. Several more small fragments of this ware, two of them showing ... 1933 ... P 4052 ... P 4052


[Agora Object] I 4052: Prytany Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face, left and right faces, and back preserved. Broken at top and bottom. Seven lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble. Found in a modern wall, north of the Odeion ... 24 April 1936 ... I 4052 ... I 4052

[Agora Object] L 4052: Lamp

Complete save for vertical band-handle. Deep body ribbed on upper wall; flat top set off from the wall by a ridge. Nozzle rounded at the edge and with a large wick-hole. On the flat top of the nozzle, ... 20 May 1940 ... L 4052 ... L 4052


[Agora Object] T 4052: Mold Fragment for Ear

Broken at right and bottom. Mold for part of left ear of protome or mask, with edge of stephane above. Pale yellow clay. Cf. T 4051. ADDENDA With fragment MC 1227b are parts of another mould, probably ... 27 June-5 August 1972 ... T 4052 ... T 4052