[Corinth Object] MF 2009 32: BRONZE EARRING

Earring with a single piece of wire tapered at one end and shaped into a hoop, a flattened spherical hollow bead threaded and soldered onto the wire near the other end; the wire continues through the opposite ... 2009/05/29 ... 2009


[Agora Object] P 2009: Red Figure Cup Fragment: Type B

Broken just below the boy's left shoulder, and diagonally from his chin to the back of his head. The boy wears a wide fillet with zigzag and dot decoration; a single line on his shoulder seems to belong ... 16 May 1933 ... P 2009 ... P 2009


[Agora Object] P 35996: Panathenaic Amphora Fragments

Two fragments from a Panathenaic amphora, broken on all sides. Fragment a) mended from four pieces, fragment b) from two pieces. a) part of column with archon name to left painted downward: [Δ] Ι Ε Ι ... 11, 18-19 June 2009 ... gawlinski:2009:f:32 ... gawlinski:2009:f:28 ... gawlinski:2009:f:31

[Agora Object] L 729: Two-nozzle Lamp

Mended from four pieces; the tip of one nozzle and part of the under side missing. On rim, herringbone. Plain discus, with raised ring round it; in the center a pierced triple-grooved handle for suspension ... 11 March 1933 ... Agora VII, no. 2009, p. 157, pl. 32.