Temple E, Southeast 2016 by Kaitlyn Stiles (2016-05-04 to 2016-06-25)Session II and III Final Report: Interior of the Church in Unit 2 of the Frankish Quarter   
 Temple E, Southeast 2014 by Colin Whiting (2014-04-07 to 2014-04-14)Final Report - Green   
 Temple E, Southeast 2015 by Danielle Smotherman (2015-04-21 to 2015-04-30)2015 Session I, Late Byzantine - Early Frankish activity in Unit 2, Room 2 and Frankish fill in Unit 2, Room 9   
 Temple E, Southeast 2014 by Sarah Rous, Rebecca Worsham (2014-04-06 to 2014-04-25)Unit II, Room 6 and Room 8, Session I   
 Temple E, Southeast 2017 by Tori Bedingfield (2017-05-02 to 2017-05-19)Frankish Area: Unit 1, Courtyard, Northeast Corner   
Temple E, Southeast    
 Temple E, Southeast 2015 by Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez (2015-06-02 to 2015-06-26)Corinth Report: Temple E Southeast excavations. Unit 2, Rooms 8 and 7.   
 Temple E, Southeast 2015 by Wesley Bennett (2015-04-21 to 2015-04-28)2015 Session I Excavations: Corridor North of the Church in Unit 2