[Agora Deposit] N 16:1: Pit Tomb, Infant Inhumation

Grave (E.L. Smithson: Grave III: SM). The close proximity and similarity of this tomb and tomb M 16-17:1 strongly suggests that they were intentionally laid out in relation to one another and were contemporary ... Late Mycenaean/Submycenaean-Earliest Protogeometric


[Agora Deposit] N 16:3: Disturbed Urn Cremation

Cremation burial (trench-and-hole) under S. edge of E-W Street, northern burial. In some records as Grave XLVII. The western part of the offering trench of the tomb was lost to a Turkish cess pit, and ... Middle Geometric I


[Agora Deposit] N 16:4: Urn cremation

Cremation burial (trench-and-hole) under S. edge of E-W Street, southern burial. In some records as Grave XLVI. Neat trench, rectangular as preserved, but may have originally been square, cut partly through ... Early Geometric I

[Agora Deposit] N 16:5: Pit in Colonnade of South Stoa 1

Pit in colonnade of south Stoa I, north of S. half of room 4. Estimated Grid


[Agora Drawing] Iron sword and knives from Protogeometric Burial.

Aliki Halepa-Bikaki ... LXXVII-99 LXXVII-99 ... June 1955


[Agora Object] A 2300: Lion's Head Spout

Broken at back and bottom. Jaw missing. Few chips missing from hair, nose and right ear. Cracked. Traces of purple paint on hair, dark and light red on face; black for pupil of left eye; see A 2306 (Τ ... 25 April 1953


[Agora Object] P 27703: Black Glaze Kantharos: West Slope and Ribbed

Both handles missing; chipped. Upper body: dolphins playing over a wave pattern. Lower body ribbed. Good black glaze. Cf. P 5833. 0.33-0.06m. above top of the euthynteria. Layer 1, room 4, south Stoa ... 5 July 1967

[Agora Object] P 27704: Medicine Bottle

Complete. Roughly made base, spreading at bottom; body tapers upward. Orange clay. 0.24m. above top of euthynteria. Above good floor. 7229 Leica ... 6 July 1967

[Agora Object] P 27714: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Numerous joining fragments preserve part of foot and wall. Large moldmade bowl, with raised, moulded foot. Large leaves near the bottom of the bowl, with rosettes, birds and indistinguishable objects ... 8 July 1967

[Agora Object] P 27715: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Numerous fragments from base and wall, joining. Medallion and rosette, then four rows of overlapping leaves, the upper preserved part showing a suppliant at an altar. Glaze reddish to black. Disturbance ... 8 July 1967

[Agora Object] P 27716: Miniature Pot

Chipped. Small open bowl with rounded bottom finished with a small disk base. Orange glaze, worn. Glazed inside and out. 0.33-0.06m. above top of euthynteria. Layer I, room 4, South Stoa I; 3rd- or early-2nd-century ... 8 July 1967


[Agora Object] P 31152: Skyphos Fragment with Graffito: Corinthian Type

Base and part of wall of a skyphos. Reserved resting surface and underside of foot, rest good black glaze, slightly green in places. Graffito on bottom: Pit in colonnade of South Stoa I, north of east ... 8 July 1980