[Agora Object] P 27864: Red Figure Lekythos Fragment

From wall of squat lekythos. Woman facing right standing in front of a chest; she leans slightly forward, right hand extended to the front, left holding object; her mouth is open and she appears to be ... 13 July 1967


[Agora Object] P 27620: Black Glaze Bowl with Maker's Stamp

About half of base and beginning of wall preserved. Sharply profiled, high ring base. Ridge at beginning of wall. In middle of floor, inside a circular groove, a rectangular stamp: Gray fabric covered ... Early Roman.

[Agora Object] P 27618: Plate Fragment with Rouletting

Fragment from floor. Large plate with massive base ring. Band of fine rouletting between pairs of grooves. Dated by J. Hayes to 1st quarter of 1st c. A.D. Arretine. South Stoa II, crosscut between columns ... 1st quarter of 1st c. A.D.

[Agora Object] I 7029: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment from top of stele. Stele crowned by ovolo and taenia. Traces of painted egg and dart on ovolo; finished smooth on top. Forms like the beginning of a decree. Hymettian marble. Found in ... 246/5 B.C.

[Agora Object] B 1253: Blank for Bronze Coin

End of a bronze rod somewhat angular in section out by a cold chisel. Reminiscent of blanks from the mint. South Stoa II, east end , layer III. Disturbed 2nd c. B.C. context. 6641 Leica ... 18 July 1960

[Agora Object] I 6952: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. More likely from a table of offerings. Inscribed on front in rough letters. Hymettian marble. Found in slag pit in front of the South Stoa II, near east end. Leica ... 16 July 1959

[Agora Object] P 26608: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Two joining fragments from rim and upper wall. Rim plain and slightly incurved. Below the rim, band maeander broken by saltire squares; below this, a band of ovolos. Dull firm black glaze. Cf. P 6318 ... 25 June 1959


[Agora Object] P 25428: Red Figure Stemless Cup Fragment

Fragment of floor and foot; mended from 5 pieces. Moulded ring foot; underside: three concentric moulded circles, black glazed, surrounding central reserved disk with dot and two painted concentric circles ... 1 November 1955