[Agora Object] I 4669: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face only preserved. Five lines of the inscription preserved, trace of sixth. Pentelic marble. Found in late Roman road fill, west of the central part of the Stoa of Attalos; ... 29 March 1937


[Agora Object] I 4670: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Parts of left edge preserved, elsewhere broken all around. Part of a circular plaque, with narrow wreath of laurel leaves in relief, leaving a plain band outside. Within leaves, remains ... 29 March 1937


[Agora Object] S 882: Female Head from Relief

Broken off at neck; part of nose and lips missing; elsewhere complete. Head in high relief, facing left and slightly bent forward. The figure wears a kerchief covering her hair except for a few locks over ... 10 April 1937


[Agora Object] IL 553: Lead Token

A. bust of Athena in crested Corinthian helmet, right, dolphin in field below at right, star above. All within border of dots. B. bearded bust of Poseidon, right. Trident in field, right, with dolphin ... 2 April 1937

[Agora Object] L 2944: Lamp

Two rings of semi-circles on rim, one facing in, one out. Plain discus, solid handle triply grooved. Plain reverse with double concentric grooves. Red glaze. Light red clay. Type XXVIII of Corinth collection ... 15 April 1937


[Agora Object] B 455: Lamp: Ithyphallic Figure

Bearded figure wearing a short straight cloak from which the phallos which served as lamp nozzle projects. Filling hole in top of head. Pierced at the temples with a small hole throught which passes a ... 11 May 1937

[Agora Object] T 1408: Seated Draped Female Figurine Fragment

Only lap and left arm preserved. A figurine with a tablet in its lap divided into two zones by a horizontal line. Below knees, a square panel with formalized drapery-grooves. Letters in tablet. Traces ... 29 March 1937

[Agora Object] L 1977: Lamp

Nozzle missing. Plain panelled rim, with stamped circles, beside panels. Plain discus with boukranion above which a filling hole. Air hole between rim and discus. Grooved handle, triple above and below ... 12 February 1936