[Agora Coin] N 42273

Qaraṭova ... Süleymān I ... GCM 1270.4 Disturbed levels. 279 ... 1520 A.D.

[Agora Coin] N 27357

Philippicus, Justinian II ... Philippicus (711-713 A.D.) struck over Justinian II. Coin no. 1. Above burned layer ... 711-713 A.D.

[Agora Coin] N 27370

Constantinople ... Philippicus, Justinian II ... Philippicus overstruck on Justinian II. Coin no. 8. Burned layer west of Venetian wall. 818 BIS ... 711-713 A.D.

[Agora Coin] N 26740

Kleonai ... Heavily Damaged. Coin no. 21. Ex uncertain 217. Turkish and modern fill. Head of young Herakles r. KΛ/EΩ in parsley wreath ... Late 4th c. B.C.

[Agora Coin] N 27465

Lycian League ... H. A. Troxell, The Coinage of the Lycian League (NNM 162), New York 1982, p. 100 (unit) Coin no. 5. Just above stereo, west of wall. Head of Apollo r., laur. [λYKI above and initials of mint city on either ... Ca. 100-mid-30's B.C.


[Agora Coin] N 27379

Athens ... Coin no. 3. Casts stored in Lab Case No. 52E Against retaining wall, above burned layer. Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. Border of dots. Countermark: cicada(?). Α-Θ/Ε Zeus, nude, striding ... Mid-90's-early 80's B.C.


[Agora Coin] N 27509

Athens ... Coin no. 4. On stereo. Triptolemos, holding wheat ears in r. hand, seated l. in winged chariot drawn by two snakes. AΘE above. Piglet standing r. on mystic staff; below, plemochoe. 85-29-20 ... Ca. early-mid 330's B.C.

[Agora Coin] N 27752

Lamia ... Coin no. 4. Against Venetian wall; in first strosis. Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. [M]AΛIE[ΩN] Philoktetes standing, shooting r ... 4th c. B.C.