[Agora Object] P 16614: Saucer

About one-third of the rim and a little of the floor missing. Similar to P 16612 (ΞΞ 61). Cf. Hesperia 20 (1951), p. 116, 2:12-18. ADDENDA P 16612: Similar to P 16608 (ΞΞ 57), but somewhat larger. P ... 2-3 May 1940

[Agora Object] P 16615: Vessel: Cooking Ware

The lip broken but complete except for chips. A squat round-bottomed cooking pot with very low neck and rolled lip. Vertical strap handle from lip to point of maximum diameter in body. Coarse brown micaceous ... 2-3 May 1940


[Agora Object] ST 339: Alabastron

Broken but complete. Large alabastron with solid body. A hole drilled at top and another at bottom served to hold the pot on the lathe. A short distance below the neck, a small ridge runs horizontally ... 2-3 May 1940