[Agora Object] P 6682: Amphora

Lip and most of neck missing. Shoulder much broken and mended. Ring foot and upwards tilted horizontal loop handles. Reserved band at handle zone; two narrow bands above and below and triple wavy line ... 6 February 1936


[Agora Object] P 6683: Stamnos

Intact, save for small chip to lip. Flat bottom, not quite straight. Rim flat on top and pierced by two small opposite holes for tying on lid. Dull black glaze, much peeled and burned; wide reserved ... 6 February 1936


[Agora Object] IL 325: Iron Fibula

Beads and catch missing. Bow type, double spring at end. Badly rusted. Removed from P 6683 (ΠΘ 255) in 1952. Agora sample no. 631. Grave 3. Stuck fast to P 6683 (ΠΘ 255) by rust. Nestle in ethafoam, low ... 6 February 1936

[Agora Object] IL 326: Iron Fibula

Catch, and blade missing. Near spring end, triple raised band around bow. Similar to IL 325 (ΠΘ 256). Agora sample no. 632. Grave 3. In ethafoam, low RH Leica, LVII-32, 84-271 PD 2774-103 ... 6 February 1936