[Agora Publication] Agora XXIX: Hellenistic Pottery Athenian and Imported Wheelmade Table Ware and Related Material

Rotroff, S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The second of two volumes on the Hellenistic fine ware unearthed in excavations in the Athenian Agora, this book presents the Hellenistic wheelmade table ware and votive vessels found between 1931 and ... 1997


[Agora Publication] Agora XXXIII: Hellenistic Pottery: The Plain Wares

Rotroff, S ... The American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This manuscript represents the third and final volume in the publication of the Hellenistic pottery unearthed by the American excavations in the Athenian Agora. The first installment (Agora XXII) was devoted ... 2008


[Agora Report] Section Κ 1948

Eugene Vanderpool ... The removal of a long narrow dike, formed by the modern Eponymon Street, was completed, and the ancient remains below were exposed for future exploration ... 8 Mar-24 Apr 1948

[Agora Object] P 19515: Black Glaze Plate

Fragments of rim and body missing. Restored in plaster. Thickened rolled rim, sloping floor, ring foot. Buff clay; dull black glaze, somewhat flaked, over all. Cf. P 29126. Well in road west of Middle ... 26 April 1948


[Agora Object] P 19516: Black Glaze Two-Handled Bowl

Fragmentary; restored in plaster. The foot and lower body, both handles and some of the rim preserved; no direct join between top and bottom, but relationship indicated by grooves. Vertical rim; deep bowl; ... 26 April 1948


[Agora Object] P 19517: Pitcher

Fragments of rim and body missing. Broad ovoid body with short wide neck and round mouth with band handle rising above it. Narrow out-turned rim; flat bottom slightly projecting. Coarse pinkish clay ... 26 April 1948

[Agora Object] SS 10441: Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian

Rectangular stamp; two-three lines; caduceus. Well; near top; well in road west of Middle Stoa; first half of second century B.C. [ Ἐ]π̣ὶ Εὐκ̣ρατ̣[ίω] [ν]ος Ἡροδότο̣[υ] [Κνίδιον caduceus r.] (Ε,Σ ... 26 April 1948

[Agora Object] SS 10450: Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian

Three line stamp; retrograde. Stp: l. end shows* Dte: early in the period 188--167 (VG)* Well in road west of Middle Stoa; box 1; first half of 2nd century B.C. Ἐπὶ δα( Θευγέ[(νευς)] φρουρα( Ἐπινικ[(ίδα)] ... 26 April 1948