[Agora Publication] Black and Plain Pottery of the 6th, 5th and 4th Centuries B.C.

Sparkes, B. A. Tallcott, L ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This massive (two-part) volume focuses on pottery produced between 600 and 300 B.C. with Sparkes discussing the black glaze and Talcott the domestic (household and kitchen) wares of the period. Over 2,040 ... 1970


[Agora Publication] Attic Red-Figured and White-Ground Pottery

Moore, M. B ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... This volume presents the inventoried red-figure and white-ground pottery found in the Agora Excavations between 1931 and 1967. Although many of these vases have already been published in various reports ... 1997


[Agora Object] IL 1: Lead Weight

Square inscribed lead weight. On one side are raised letters and a circular impression with an indistinct stamp. 195 Leica, 2-243 ... 23 June 1931

[Agora Object] L 116: Lamp Fragment

Front part of a lamp. On rim single groove, slightly sloping, unglazed. Body slightly curving. Long, deep nozzle, rounded at the end. Handle solid, grooved. Hard black glaze. Light red Attic clay. Type ... 22 June 1931