[Agora Object] P 6072: Two-Handled Cup

Upper parts of handles and fragments from side wall missing; restored in plaster. High base ring; deep bowl; two vertical loop handles rising above rim, their attachments running well down the side wall ... 22 April 1935


[Agora Object] P 6073: Bowl

Fragments missing from wall, restored in plaster. The vase had been broken in antiquity and mended with string(?) passed through holes drilled along side the fracture. Round bottom; gently out-turned lip ... 22 April 1935

[Agora Object] ST 103: Arrow Tip

Triangular, flat; roughly flaked. Flint. Well, Grave in Metroon, Drain cut, from the filling of the shaft. Cf. P 6072, P 6073. Leica ... 22 April 1935