[Agora Object] P 12132: Plemochoe

A chip missing beside one handle. Flaring foot, wheel-ridged on its top, concave beneath. High stem. Rounded body, with a narrow projecting flange at the point of greatest circumference. Two small horizontal ... 12-14 March 1938


[Agora Object] P 12138: Plemochoe with Lid

Much of foot, both handles and about half of body broken away. High, hollow foot elaborately moulded, markedly angled shoulder above keel; lip grooved around outer edge, and flanged inside for lid. Keel ... 11-14 March 1938


[Agora Object] P 12139: Plemochoe

Part of lip, keel and foot missing. Plain flaring foot, concave below; medium squat body, wide sharply flaring lip. Piercing of keel is normal: two holes at each handle. Fine clay, pinkish to buff, unglazed ... 11-14 March 1938


[Agora Object] P 12140: Plemochoe

Most of lip and handles missing. Foot proportionately higher than P 12139 (ΙΙ 308), lip higher and less flaring. Normal piercing. Gritty pinkish-buff clay, micaceous; friable dull red glaze, much worn ... 11-14 March 1938


[Agora Object] P 12141: Plemochoe

Most of lip and part of upper wall, both handles missing. Similar to P 12140 (ΙΙ 309), but smaller. Foot proportionately heavier, mouth wider, body slightly squatter. Piercing normal. Pinkish-buff clay; ... 11-14 March 1938

[Agora Object] P 12142: Plemochoe

Most of lip and upper wall, both handles missing. Similar to P 12141 (ΙΙ 310), but foot lower with deep groove on underside; upper wall proportionately higher and straighter. Piercing normal. Pinkish-buff ... 11-14 March 1938

[Agora Object] P 12143: Plemochoe

Much of lip, including all the actual edge, broken away; both handles missing and much of foot. Foot is flat below and forms a wide sharp angle with the stem; piercing normal. Clay pinkish to buff, slightly ... 11-14 March 1938

[Agora Object] P 12144: Plemochoe

Most of lip, both handles and part of base missing. Foot concave below, a hint of moulding in its profile. Body about as P 12143 (ΙΙ 312), lip lower. Piercing normal. Fine pinkish-buff clay, some mica; ... 11-14 March 1938