[Agora Publication] Hesperia 6 (1937): Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Hesperia 6 10.2307_146465 10.2307_146466 10.2307_146467 10.2307_146468 10.2307_146469 10.2307_146470 10.2307_146471 10.2307_146485 10.2307_146486 10.2307_146487 10.2307_146518 10.2307_146519 10.2307_146520 ... 1937


[Agora Object] A 44: Cornice Block: Doric

Anathyrosis band preserved at both ends, rough-picked in back, which is cut away apparently for lightening (?). Bottom resting surface smooth finished; top rough-picked, smoother on sloping portion over ... 2 July 1931

[Agora Object] A 45: Cornice Block: Doric

Both ends of the block preserved, with anathyrosis band, the lower resting surface remains to a thickness of 0.14m.; the profile under the corona is preserved, and the start of the corona, with two mutules ... 2 July 1931


[Agora Object] A 49: Cornice Block: Doric

Cornice block from inside corner. Preserved in all dimensions; two sides with anathyrosis at right angles to each other; on the two sides without anathyrosis the stone is cut away, perhaps for lightening, ... 14 July 1931


[Agora Monument] Stoa of Zeus

Civic, Religious Unknown Pentelic Marble, Limestone Poor, foundations and fragments of superstructure ... 450-400 B.C.